Sustain What Matters
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  • Scavenger Hunt, Musicians

Sustain what matters

Help ensure that creators have the financial and social support to create more of the content that moves us.


Creators share freely with us, yet have little to no means of sustaining their craft or connecting with their biggest supporters.

It's time for a new dynamic.

A Better Tomorrow

Get recognized

Receive access to exclusive content and experiences straight from creators.

A Better Tomorrow

Discover our giving identities

Reflect our values through the creators and content we support while building a personally relevant portfolio.

Loveback allows us to connect directly with creators inside the content they share, anywhere on the web—leading to richer, more reciprocal relationships. Greater reciprocity means more resources to sustain more videos that make us laugh, more albums we can't stop listening to, more blog posts that make us cry—more awesome in a world in which more is, most definitely, more.

How It Works

Creators share their gifts

From short videos to single tracks to complete novels, creators package their content within a feature-rich gift wrap.

How It Works

We show the love back

With a single click, we can instantly "back" creators that mean the most to us, send personal notes, and dedicate our shares to friends.

How It Works

Creators get to know us

Creators learn who we are and offer recognition, rewards, or a personal thanks in return.

How It Works

We discover hidden gems

We instantly discover new content and creators we should know about—all qualified by people we trust.